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Monday, November 09, 2009

And a lovely weekend was had by 2

A wee while back I posted I'd won a girls night out. Saturday was the day I chose and my knitting friend Joanne and I had a wonderful time! We started at the guild knitting and about 1.20pm we left for the hotel, which was Chateau on the Park in Christchurch. I was working on the beginning of Ingenue (a jersey) from my handspun Romney and Joanne was working on a feather and fan scarf (which looks lovely btw). I've got the neck almost finished over the course of Saturday and Sunday, just 2 repeats to go; and for those wondering, yes I swatched first.
Anyway, getting back to the point. We checked in and half an hour later were on our way to Dressmart in Hornby with the intention of spending our full budgets. I managed, within budget to get 2 skirts, 2 tops, a bra and undies set and my running sneakers. Joanne had a little more to spend, but also did really well with skirts, jeans and tops. We were picked up just on 5pm, back to the hotel and got ready for dinner with a touch of knitting done too.
We had dinner in the restaurant, a fishy theme here. I had the whitebait fritters (a little too eggy) and Joanne had Dory. Then dessert before we paid and left to go and knit. We were meant to go to the movies, but there was only 15 minutes from when we finished to when the movie would have started so we're doing that at another time with the vouchers. Need to give our DH's a little time to recover from looking after the children first.
We did get quite a lot of knitting done that evening instead though, but then Joanne discovered she'd made a mistake so had to undo quite a bit too. We watched "Along Came A Spider" on free to air tv that night and got to bed a little later than planned.
Next morning was a lovely smorgasboard breakfast (pancakes, bacon, hash browns and fruit), followed by; what else? More knitting! And then down for our manicures; J was sneaky and said I could go first, that way she got to knit, lol.
I now have deep burgundy nails, with bling.
Which I then went home and used to start making our new outdoor table, so they're not quite as perfect as they were. I'll post photo's of the start of the jersey and my nails later; as well as the table top. Had to stop before we finished as I was getting blisters.
I guess that's the end of my ramble atm, more ramblings later; maybe after Thursday's spinning meeting.


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