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Friday, September 29, 2017

The Laneway Dress

I've already posted a photo of this, but I got decent ones on the real camera and I wanted to do a review so I can refer back to this when I do my next one.

Ok, the one I made was a wearable muslin.  It feels comfortable enough, but there are a few issues.  The shoulder and sleeves are a little tight on me but the bust is way too big and the darts are too far apart so I'm going to have to an adjustment there.   The hip is just right, but the waist is a little big.  I chose my size based on measurements and added 4cm in length to the bodice, this needed to be 3cm so obviously I'll change that.  The fabric wasn't a good choice either, it needs something with body, mine is probably a viscose (got it from Stash Rehash so no way of knowing what it was).

The next one will be the next size down I think, which will bring everything in, and I'll do the length change.  I'm using the Liberty Lawn which has more body than this and I might go for the off centre collar.  I'm also ditching the pockets and might add a touch more fullness to the skirt.
You can see here there's too much room in the bust and the darts are too far apart, though how much of that is due to the fabric choice and being too long in the bodice I'm not sure

Definitely too long in the back too

I think it'll sit better without the pockets, but didn't I do well on matching the plaid at the waist?

Doesn't help that I have a low bust either

And a silly photo, why?  Just cos I could!

Edit: Seriously considering a different pattern now, the Chai Dress from Itch to Stitch; I know her jeans fit me well, so hoping the dress will too and it's not as problematic for fitting, plus it's designed for shirtweight fabric which is what I have.


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