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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Feeling better

I don't know if it'll last or not but I'm taking it and running with it.  I did have a wee step backwards last Tuesday when I cycled to my surgeon's office for an appointment prior to organising surgery for a rectocele (it's a type of prolapse, if you're interested look it up, I don't want to put people off so I won't give more details).  I came off my bike at speed a couple of kilometers away from my destination due to someone deciding that they wanted to know if Darwin would kill stupid people.  Darwin might, but I'm not prepared to, so I swerved, prayed that there weren't any silent vehicles behind me and came off the bike.  Luckily I missed the stupid person, but unfortunately I took a fair bit of damage and many of my middle pain that had receded has come back.  Had to get the surgeon's nurse to fix up my knee and thank goodness they had a sink I could use to get the blood out of my handknit sock!   Priorities, socks won't heal, I will!
Found out I have another endometrioma which was picked up on the MRI, so the surgeon sent me off for an ultrasound as it was 3 months after the MRI, it's still there and it looks like some of my left ovary is still there too, that was supposed to be removed but I know things were a mess in there so it's probably not a huge surprise if some got missed.  Downside to all this is the appointment cost twice as much as I expected and then the ultrasound added more, sigh.  Had to order some supplements too, so the budget is totalled (again).  Never mind, this is a short term problem and we will get back to normal soon.

I've managed some sewing and some knitting and some spinning, I will post photos for you.  Cleaned out the fridge and the pantry this week too, less dated stuff than I expected and now it's nice and tidy, yay!

First up we have a tote bag, fully lined and with magnetic closure from my hand weaving.  It's got a solid base and is a darned good size.

This is a cat mat, my own design.  Basically using roving, cast on 20 stitches on 15mm needles and knit till it's cat sized.  I knit this after Star kept stealing my fibre, so I knew she loved it.

Horrible photo of my wearable muslin of the Laneway Dress.  It's too big in the bust and underbust areas and a smidge too long in the body (my fault, I lengthened the pattern a touch too much).  I really love the look of the pattern on other people so will try again I think.  I've got some fabric that needs to be the dress and I really hope I get it right since it's Liberty Lawn and I love it! 

And finally here's Maire almost threaded up, just have a few more to put into the heddles and then I can pop the beater on the loom.  This is going to be a very random wall hanging. 
Now the question is, do I get back on the bike tomorrow to visit the library?   I think I probably will if the weather is up to it, need to get fit before the surgery as I won't be sitting on anything like a bike seat for some months post surgery, and with having the laparoscopy at the same time I want to allow a longer healing period than last time, pretty sure falling off the bike 3 months post-op was a bad thing that lead to some of my current issues.


Pieced Brain Quilt Designs said... Best Blogger Tips

Your projects are lovely! I would stay off the bike but, then again, you sound more courageous than me! I hope all goes well and you will be over this hurdle soon!

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