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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Still stuck at home

Youngest might go to school tomorrow, he had another attack on Tuesday and eldest came down with it on Monday.  Dh and I have to go to school tomorrow anyway to meet the dean about concerns with eldest, not looking forward to that.  What can you do about electronics addiction when school insists a BYOD is necessary?  Oh, and social issues, but that's how his mild ASD presents and we've never been able to source any support for that that's affordable.
I haven't rung EQC yet, but will be hearing from the company that did the original repairs on Monday so I'm going to try to ring EQC today or tomorrow to find out where to send any further information. 
One good thing though, the reinforcing mesh in our garage isn't part of the affected lot, it's locally manufactured.

I've gone back to doing jigsaw puzzles and spinning over the last couple of days to help maintain sanity.
1st half of Heavenly Wools Haunui, colour is Doubtful on oatmeal and it's gorgeous!  I'll be spinning a 3-ply with the third ply being an undyed perendale from stash to make a marled yarn.

Can't spin this the right way around for some reason, but you get the idea.


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