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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Busy busy!

I've been sewing again, decided to join the Pattern Review's Sewing Bee Contest.

I cut out and sewed yesterday afternoon a pair of shorts that met the criteria (shorts with a fastening in woven fabric), this morning I finished the handsewing and this is the result.
The fabric is from my stash and I love how they fit

The pattern is McCalls 2157 which is now discontinued unfortunately.  I will be using it again.

I've also got more done on my knitting
2 more inches till I start decreasing for this hat, it has a very deep turn up.
I've also been playing with the macro lens again.   Downside with that is by the time you get it focused on an insect it moves.
Unfortunately a couple of minutes later this wee guy got caught by Star who shot off too fast for me to rescue it.

The honey bees are busy on my plum tree, I have to spray this for aphids unfortunately but I'm being very careful not to use one that will hurt bees once it dries and I only spray in the evening once the bees have headed to bed.

The berries on my asparagus from last summer

This is one of those plants that look like a moss mound from further away

Apricot pansy

a more traditional purple pansy

Signs of spring, unfortunately the insects have apparently been busy on this one.  Freesias are almost out too.

I do love lavender.

I love this effect, a small section in focus makes the rest look so soft and fuzzy.

That wee bird is a silvereye, this was definitely the wrong lens for this shot though.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

The shorts are super cute!
I want to get a macro lens for my camera... hopefully one day soon!

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