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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No Time!

I've not had time for blogging, or for knitting or sewing either.   I've done the mending pile and I have managed some knitting on T's sock, but not much and I haven't taken a photo yet either.

Instead I've finished painting the rooms, with T's help.    Sorted the kids winter clothes and my winter clothes, shifted furniture around, cleared out the storage unit and handed in the key.   Had some sod back into my car at Mitre 10; he said it was his fault (and it was, he didn't look and backed out very fast) and then told his insurance company a whole other story (lied) and because there were no witnesses we're stuck with paying another excess to get the car fixed.   His car got a small scuff on its bumper, mine lost the back light.

Today I got some more storage solutions for my room; 2 MDF shelves that I need to paint and the supports for them, as well as a cube storage unit which will be for my yarn (some of my yarn).    Once the wardrobe guy turns up things will get better in that room, but I think even then I won't be able to fit everything in straight away.    G will have to share his room with some of my stuff for a bit.

Eventually I'll have to make a blind for the window in there too, but not quite yet.    I still need to swap out the curtains in our dining room for the ones I was given, same thing in G's room which will then free up the original curtains for repurposing into blinds.

I've listed a bunch of things on Trademe, no yarn though.   It's stuff like trampoline nets (which we won't use), a pair of mohair rugs (that we also don't use as we have carpet), carseats, a gate and soon some shoes, a movie, xbox game etc.   There may also be a wooden umbrella swift to go on too; never use it as I prefer my skein holder instead.

Hopefully I'll have something to show you all next week.   Ooh, and I'm going to try doing my nails with Gel polish; bought the starter kit this morning, I'm sick of normal nail polish that chips or smudges before it's even a day old.  Apparently gel is much more robust.


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