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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Getting There

The garage is getting closer.  I've done the first coat of ceiling paint today and hopefully tomorrow will be the second coat of that and the first coat of the wall colour.   We've cleared out the deck and playhut so all that stuff is now in the garage.    Half of it will have to be thrown out due to damage from the weather though.   Nothing we can do about that.

In other news our dryer went and reached the end of its lifespan; I suspect it came uncomfortably close to igniting as it sounded awful and was hot on the front.   It's now out in the garage and we now have a new one.  I'd have preferred to get the old one fixed, but 3 years ago we were told that spare parts are no longer made for it so I knew there wasn't much point.   The new one is an Electrolux and is much higher star rating (6 stars vs 0 stars).   It wasn't cheap, but I needed a condensor dryer and you pay extra for that; definitely worth it.   I have to recommend Luke at Harvey Norman Tower Junction, very helpful and friendly.

It takes longer than the old one and has way more options than I'm used to (ours had hot or cold and a timer), pity about the budget, but can't be helped; we need a dryer in winter, especially if the wet weather keeps coming.

In knitting news I've finished my hat, all bar dyeing it.
Dipper Hat
It's so squooshy and soft!  

I've also started my next project which is a pair of socks for Dh.
Riverrun Socks
I've knit this pattern before and Dh liked it, so doing it again in a slightly tougher yarn this time.  Last time he got some lovely mcn (merino/cashmere/nylon) yarn, but he blew through the soles and this time I want them to last so he's got some tight twist merino/nylon by Wandering Cat Yarns instead.   I love the colourway, it's subdued enough to wear to work, but the little hint of green gives it interest.

No work done on my polonaise dress yet, it's something I need to be able to devote a chunk of time to and I just haven't had that recently.


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