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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

School Holidays

I both love and loathe school holidays.  Thinking of things to do, but still giving them rest time.   5 days this time they've got Autism Society holiday activities.  Yesterday they went to Ferrymead which is a trip back in time to colonial days.    They both enjoyed it which was good.   I wasn't feeling well yesterday so accomplished very little.   I got a little knitting done on my socks and finished a swatch for a jersey that's currently in my head.

Today we did a fair bit in the garden, the boys did sufficient to earn their e-tertainment this afternoon.   Both of them also chose the fabric they want to make placemats with; that will get done later this holiday.   Possibly on Thursday if the visit to grandma and granddad doesn't work out (granddad is currently sick with a vomiting bug); I don't want to inflict them with my boys if either of them isn't quite well, and on a totally selfish note I also don't want them bringing those bugs home.    Next Tuesday we'll get the sewing done if not before.   This weekend isn't an option as I'll be off to Lindisfarne with some friends for a weekend of sewing bliss.  During the weekend I'll probably be hand sewing as I'm not sure if there will be room for my machine as well as 3 people and all their gear in the car.   That's ok though, I've got the shawl to work on for my historical challenge and more work to do on the panniers as well.

Tomorrow the boys have Autism Society again and I've got the dentist; hoping he'll be able to work out what's causing the tooth ache; I've been referred to a different chap at my practice so fingers crossed.  I also need to get a new laundry hamper; ours has finally given in to the abuse it's received from youngest.   It's lasted for well over 10 years though so I can't complain.

I also got new glasses; they arrived today and for $39.95 I'm pretty darned happy!   They fit, they look good and I can see through them properly too.   No frills or coatings and if I continue to be happy I might invest in another pair later.  In the meantime I'm about to subject them to their first ever baking session.   Chocolate brownies for the family and maybe some biscuits.


Deb Robertson Writes said... Best Blogger Tips

I remember what happened last time your boy had a tummy bug!!! stay away from the bugs :) I sent Roo to a holiday program this week for the first time. Luckily as it turns out because of the whole pack the house while doing full time uni thing.

On another note, (I probably should have emailed you rather than this long comment) do you have a sock pattern for top down socks you can recommend? Roo wants to knit socks next and I think top down would be easier for him (I'll do the heel and the toe).

Hope you feel better soon too. hugs deb xxx

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