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Monday, October 07, 2013

A wonderful weekend

I got virtually no sleep as the bunks were incredibly noisy and uncomfortable and it was too warm for my sleeping bag to work well, but aside from that there was great food (thank you Tanya), excellent company and lots of sewing, knitting and spinning.
My spinning

In action, the colours are brighter in real life; the fibre is Merino and not quite finished yet.

Joanne's spinning, this was Perendale

Joanne's Polwarth that she finished

Leanne's quilt, this is the back and is for her daughter.

The front of Leanne's quilt

The back of Louise's quilt; it's cowboy themed and this was her first go at free-motion quilting.

Isn't it cool?

The front of Louise's quilt.

I took these photo's after I got home, this is my 1770's panniers.

And this is my paisley shawl which is based on the Kashmiri shawls of the late 18th century and early 19th century.
We went to Lindisfarne which is near Cave, inland from Timaru.   Wonderful hall, pity about the sleeping accommodation.  We'll likely go back though cos the hall makes up for the sleeping issues.
I also got the gusset finished on my travel sock; but nothing done on my colourwork socks.  No knitting on the drive either, was too busy yacking and watching the scenery, interspersed with stops at various crafty shops.

Before I went this was how far I'd got on my Behind the Garden Wall socks
Knit in Wandering Cat Yarns Tabby Cat; the orange isn't that bright in real life.
I also did a swatch for my next jersey
Paton's Jet; been in the stash a very long time.
And I got my new glasses
Nice purple ones.
Hopefully tomorrow the boys and I will get some sewing done if work isn't busy.  Depends also on how everyone is feeling; Ian got the chucky bug and left his mark in the hall this morning.   He didn't get to go to his holiday programme as a result.   I should have listened to Deb and kept them home, but they had a great time at grandma's and it's entirely possible he actually picked it up from the holiday programme rather than grandad.  We'll never really know.
I'm not feeling 100% either, but that's likely to be simply due to the lack of sleep.


Maria said... Best Blogger Tips

like the glasses! and that shawl - did you, like... make it? and if you did, how do you make something like that?

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips


I did sort of make it. It's actually 2 different bits of fabric. Some wool crepe in the middle and then the woven paisley was a wool blend shawl I bought from Ebay (a seller based in India). I could have used it as it was, but compared with most extant shawls for the time period it wasn't long enough and many also have a plain part in the middle so I cut it in half and then hand-sewed it together and also hand sewed the sides of the wool fabric so it was neatly hemmed. I love it and will probably use it without the costume too.

Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Love you shawl!

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