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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A little knitting and a new craft joins the stable

I've finished my first mitt for Ian's teacher aide, I'm really pleased with it and the second is up to the start of the thumb gusset, hopefully I'll get that started tonight.
the ends still need weaving in, but it's perfect!
I got quite a bit done on it in the weekend in breaks during my learn to weave course.   Comments were made on how I never let my hands do nothing, lol.  I explained it was either that or pacing, and I prefer the knitting.    I really enjoyed the weaving course and have ordered some yarn to use as weft and a couple of shuttles as I only have one that I can currently use and the fabric I want to weave requires two.   As soon as a second shuttle arrives I'll be doing more weaving as I really enjoyed it and apparently I may have a knack for it too.

Warping up

the other side of the loom
I've taken photo's of the weaving I've done, but not had a chance to download it to my computer, I'll post it later when I'm not doing the headless chook impression.   Anne Field is a wonderful tutor and she had a lot of help from Fay as well, which we all appreciated.   At the end of it I was actually helping to show someone else how to do one of the techniques which I think helped cement it in my head too.  I'm glad I already have my own loom, though I still need to make cross-sticks and a raddle to help with future warping up.

My fibre swap haul which includes lovely batts, beautiful yarn, a wood crochet hook, cute sheep buttons and a hand-made notebook.   Dh has already eaten the chocolate and I'm drinking the hot chocolate :)
On Monday this arrived in the mail, my swapper was Doe Arnott of Hang's by a Thread.   She does lovely dye jobs (the yarn is hers) and the batts are just divine!  I just wish I had time to use it at the moment, but my days are full of tidying, taking stuff to the lock-up and working.

I'm going to go to the guild this weekend though no matter what, I need the break and I'm going to spin some more of my natural brown English Leicester for the sheep pillow.

Oh, and I got an email this morning to tell me I've won a pattern from Anke from a competition on the Knitting with Olof blog.  I'm choosing Same Same but Different which is a nice basic 4-ply cardigan pattern.  One of those "wear everywhere" patterns.

Oh, and on the way home from school this morning I noticed someone climbing in a window of a house, luckily I had my cell on me so called 111.    The police arrived before their callcentre had even finished taking my details.   It turned out to be relatively innocent (guy described as dodgy, but had a good reason to be there that checked out), I was glad to find out it was ok in the end and the police thanked me for calling them.   First time I've called them for years when it's not related to Ian!   Last time was over 10 years ago for a domestic disturbance.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so jealous! I'd love to try some weaving - but I keep telling myself I don't need another hobby!

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