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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A good day

First up I'm wearing my Central Park Hoodie today, and it's lovely and warm!
Can you tell I love it?

You can see the lovely cables on the back and arms; yum!
When I booted up the pc this morning I found an email to say I'd won some yarn and a pattern from the Spud and Chloe Blog; I've chosen my yarn colours already and am really looking forward to that arriving.    I picked up my new shoulder bag yesterday, so I can carry my knitting with me.  I've been looking for one for a while, but have been unable to find something suitable.  Finally found it on Friday and they've put a new strap on it so I can wear it cross-body as well as on my shoulder.
It's navy leather, photo is under electric light so doesn't show well.

I've also had yarn arrive that I bought, I'm now back on my yarn diet.  

We've signed the contract for our garage, so now waiting for the first invoice so the bank will release payment, once that's done then they'll get the papers ready for the neighbours to approve the build, so things are definitely moving.


Miriam said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks amazing. Well done :0)

Max said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this, it looks sooo cosy x

kristieinbc said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your Central Park Hoodie! Well done! And congrats on winning that Spud & Chloe contest. I'm a bit jealous - I love their yarn. :-)

Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks great!

Leonie said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks very warm and snuggly! Thanks for linking up - great to have you along!

Hootnz said... Best Blogger Tips

That is beautiful and a wonderful fit! I can certainly appreciate all those cables :)

Roz said... Best Blogger Tips

Such amazing cabling. Can you do this while everything else is going on around you or do you have to save this knitting for quiet moments? Colour and fit just perfect for you too.

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