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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

#reverb12 Day 4: How will you celebrate YOU?

The question this time is "how will you celebrate YOU this Christmas?".  To be honest I have no idea.  At the moment I'm concentrating on finishing the quilt for my brother and his wife, the shawl that I'm doing the KAL with and all the baking for teacher thank-you's and George's birthday, plus work.   Right at the moment there isn't really any time for me.
I know I'm not getting any presents, aside from the table from my brother and his wife of course, but I already have that, so nothing to open on the day.   Thomas and I aren't buying for eachother as we've spent more than we'd planned this Christmas already and we want to save for the garage.
Once the quilt is finished I may take some time on the X-box, but will also need to spring clean the house; that has stalled while working on the quilts.
I am still going to the guild this coming weekend (it's the monthly meeting so I have to) and the following weekend (Christmas lunch).
If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can celebrate me I'd love to hear them, in the meantime I'm going to go and make fudge for the teachers.


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