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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A snowball fight in February

Who knew?  Ian decided my ball of sewing up yarn was perfect for snowball fighting this afternoon.  So after helping me make pikelets he proclaimed a snowball fight and we threw the ball at each other for a while.   It's currently 27.6 deg so just as well he chose a snowball that wouldn't melt.  
All the animals are finding the heat trying.  Ducks are under their tree panting, sure they have water, but it's in the sun so they're staying out, guinea pigs are pitching tents in their run (little newspaper tents) and Smokey the kitten is sleeping and not eating a huge amount, too busy waiting for things to cool down.
I wish I could do that, I'm working atm with lots of Merino Possum on my knee, and before you ask, yes I've reduced my claim time by the time spent blogging.


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