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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Blueberry picking

After I got home from spinning yesterday we went blueberrying with the boys.   Had a great time despite the heat, both boys enjoyed it, especially Ian who outpicked his brother.   I ate quite a few last night for pudding and even the not quite ripe ones were yummy.   We got almost 2kg; quite a bit went into the freezer and the rest will be eaten over the next couple of days.
We then went to Hallensteins out at Dressmart Hornby and got DH 3 pairs of shorts, and the boys a t-shirt each (t-shirts were size S mens!).    George chose Transformers and Ian wanted a more random print.  They're a wee bit big, but not as bad as I expected.    I got an icecream which I shared with DH.
This morning we went out for our usual boot camp, scootered there and back, so got a total of 1h40m exercise, and this afternoon I'll be doing my workout on the Wii, so I'm well and truly doing the good work.

Thursday coming will be interesting too, going to see a hypnotherapist to see if she can help with my spending and sugar addictions.   Fingers crossed.


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