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Friday, May 28, 2021

Almost a year, whoops!

 I've been active on Facebook and to some extent on Instagram as well, but completely forgot about my poor wee blog!  I'm blaming Covid even though here in NZ it's not had as much of an impact yet.

I've still been sewing, still working on Gran's chair and still knitting too.  I've also been sidetracked by the garden and DIY; things like replacing all the internal door handles and also fixing up the rollers on the wardrobe doors; I still have a heap of them to go!  We also got a bunch of large bills, one of which was expected (the replacement fence) and the others weren't.  A new dishwasher, a large vet bill and now we've got a toilet to replace and Dh needs a CPAP which insurance doesn't cover at all.  We also need a better router but the type we need is of course in the expensive section and our printer died after about 10 years of service.  I also ordered some fabric in all that, but it was necessary for sanity.  None of it arrives for a wee while as it's all yet to be printed, but it'll be worth it!

I've finished a few items, so here are some photos to prove it; this has all been from late summer through to now.

Greenstyle Clara wrap cardigan with Greenstyle Moxi shorts.  The shorts have been modified by lengthening the under-short leg to avoid them being eaten by my thighs.  Very comfy.  Fabric for the cardigan was from deep stash, Global Fabrics from way before the earthquakes.  The shorts are stretch boardshort fabric from For Fabric Sake and some leftover Athletic knit

Greenstyle tank pattern in For Fabric Sake cotton lycra; the paisley is a custom print.

Pattern Emporium dress using a panel print from For Fabric Sake, not 100% happy with the neckline on this one.

Over halfway through the second sock for Dh now; this shows the beginning of sock 2.

Embellishment on my favourite dress ever!  The pattern is the Gemma dress from Named and it's using some really old cotton velour stretch fabric that I made baby rompers for the boys in originally.  Unfortunately it had faded on the fold lines, hence the lace appliques which all came from Ali-Express.

The latest addition to my growing stable of machines.  This Pfaff is a leather machine for making shoes, I may even use it for that but for the moment I'm cleaning her and reading her very long instruction manual (115 pages).  She's been in storage for years.

And another machine in the stable, this is a knitting machine.  She's temporarily in the hall cupboard as I don't have the brain power to learn this at the same time as the industrial sewing machine.   She didn't come with a stand, so I may have to improvise there, but my BIL picked her up for $20 so I can't complain.

And finally, my latest sew bar one.  This is Greenstyle's latest pattern which is a camisole with a built in shelf bra.  It's not quite sitting right at the top; not quite sure why not, but it is a very lightweight cotton lycra so that could be the issue.  I used bra elastic for the straps as I find that CL with elastic in the middle tends to be a little lightweight.  Other than that it's comfortable and I suspect I'll be making a few more for next summer.

My latest sew doesn't have a photograph yet, it's merino pj's.  Random bits of merino rib from my stash using a very old out of print Kwik Sew pattern.  I also have a pair of sweat pants cut out ready to sew for eldest, I'll post photos of that if he lets me once they're done.  Hopefully they'll get done this weekend as he's got an appointment they'd be handy for next week.


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