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Saturday, June 06, 2020

My thoughts on Current Events

America is currently reacting to years of systemic abuse of people of colour and I'm glad that it's not just people of colour coming out in support of this.  The colour of your skin in any population should not be a reason for bad treatment or abuse.  I've seen lesser examples here in New Zealand, usually against people of Asian descent.  I've not seen it against people who are black, probably because there aren't that many people in New Zealand who are black.

I grew up being fed the anti-Maori lines, I was in my 20's when I changed what I believed from what I was taught and slowly those who taught me that have also changed.  I see that as a sign of hope, those who taught me had a good reason to feel that way when they learned it, but despite that they changed.  If they can then so can most. 

I am privileged, I am a white woman and although being female lessens my privilege I am aware now that I have privilege.  Growing up I had no notion of that fact at all.   I have brought up my children to be aware that people are people no matter their colour, orientation or age; treat everyone with respect except bullies; stand up to them.  If someone is bullying someone else speak up; that's one thing I've always done, even at school.  The bullies won't like it, but someone has to do it.

For those who think that the sewing or knitting communities don't have problems with racism, you're wrong.  There's overt racism, there's the hidden version with snarky comments passed as "just joking" and there's the head in the sand version.  If you don't stand up when these things happen you are enabling the racism and you are a part of the problem.

Stand up, if you have friends who are directly affected by this ask them how you can help.  Unfortunately I don't so I can't do this, however I can still stand up in the virtual world and say I support Black Lives Matter and I believe we can change things for the better to make all people equal in treatment.


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