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Saturday, December 07, 2019

The Challenge of Finding Undies That Fit.

I'm sick of store bought undies, they don't last long in many cases and it's rare that they fit well so I decided to try out some home made ones instead.  I chose 5 patterns I already owned and got cutting.  I might have some more to try out later, but in the meantime this is my selection this time.

Clockwise from top left we have:  Jennifer Lauren Handmade Trixie Briefs, SUAT Women's boxers, SUAT Frisky Knickers and Jalie Julia Briefs

and finally SUAT Bunzies in the full coverage cut.
I'm not showing photos of them worn, my butt isn't something I want to show the world but I'll give you an idea of how these all fit.  I have a reasonably full rear end so I like coverage; all these undies were chosen because of their coverage claims.   I'm reasonably happy with 3 of them and found the other 2 did too much of the wedgie creep for me.

1.  Trixies - I love the look, they're a bit vintage, but unfortunately they do the wedgie creep; not the worse of the 5 but not good enough for me to make them again.

2. SUAT Boxers - surprisingly comfy, no wedgie for obvious reasons and will be great to stop the summer chafing.  Only downside is they do use a lot more fabric than the other styles and since they're a completely different style I'm taking these out of the running.  Will possibly make some for cycling in when I'm wearing a dress.  They have the advantage they don't look like you're flashing your knickers!

3. SUAT Frisky Knickers - these were the best ones in my opinion, very little creeping at all and reasonably flattering.   I do like the self bands too.

4. Jalie Julia - 2nd best, a little creep, but I didn't do the elastic quite right (cut it too short after reading the pattern incorrectly) so I'll have to make these again to see how they work when done correctly.  I do like the option to use a different fabric for the front panel too.  I think the FOE elastic I used was possibly not the greatest which may also be contributing.

5.  SUAT Bunzies - I was expecting a lot from this pattern after the Friskies (and the Scrundlewear I made a year back), but unfortunately these ones head straight for where they shouldn't and then stay there.  They won't be one I'll make again; pity cos I love the fabrics I used.

So that's it so far, I'm also testing out bra type tops but having only made 2 so far I feel I should try out at least one more before reporting on them.


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