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Monday, December 07, 2015


Surgery is complete, I'm a little woozy and very tired but the pain isn't any worse than period pain at the moment and it only gets that bad if I move around too much. My eyesight is currently a little doolally for which I blame the fentonyl and remaining anaesthesia in my system.
I am down by several inches of bowel but no stoma was needed which is great!
I'm also down by one ovary which had glued itself to one of my erethras and was in a very bad state indeed, it's blood supply had to be interfered with too much to save it.
My surgeon believes he got all the endo though which is wonderful news.

Tomorrow I will get to eat, I picked the fish for lunch and shepherd pie for dinner.


Deb Robertson Writes said... Best Blogger Tips

HOpe you feel much better soon xoxo

Sox said... Best Blogger Tips

Hooray!! I'm glad things are going well!!

Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad to hear thing went well. Take care!

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