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Monday, July 06, 2015

It's been a while

I've been busy spinning and planning for weaving and sewing and knitting, but not a huge amount to show for it as yet.   This weekend was mostly spent at CanAmJu's rooms helping with clean up and painting.  One of those things that meant I got only some spinnng done at guild, but nothing the rest of the weekend.   It did look a lot better once we were done though and the office is much clearer as well as two walls now being clean and painted.   We ran out of time for the rest unfortunately and my neck is slightly out again as a result of all that prep and paint work; worth it though.

On the sewing front I'm getting close to finishing the 1810 dress, just the ties and the hems to go now, but tis school holidays so my time is limited.  Might get some done tomorrow after the dentist though as the boys Grandma is taking them for the day for me, or at least for the time I'm at the dentist up till she gets fed up with them.  Youngest is being a bit hard work at the moment, so not sure how long I'll get.

On the knitting front I've finished a very warm cowl using handspun
This is my Bluegum Islanderry Cowl using handspun singles, it has a V-shaped insert which fills in the gap when wearing a revere collar jacket and it's lovely when it gets cold.
I'm also working on a pair of socks for me (well, 2 actually, but the second isn't far through)
My main pair is a DK pair for keeping me warm
Sublimation Socks
I'm really liking these, love the change in stripe width; the second sock will have the colours reversed which is such fun!
My other current socks are my travel pair which are being knit in the yarn Mum bought for me in Wales
I'm using my usual Riverrun pattern by Valerie from Wandering Cat Yarns and I love how they're looking!
I've got other things on the needles, but they're all on hold while I finish the socks, supposed to be taking part in a KAL for Truly Myrtle, but I think I may be overcommitted so this may not happen.  I could cast on tonight though, it's for a hat and I could do with another warm hat; what do you think?

On the spinning side of things I'm taking part in the Tour de Fleece which started on Saturday, here is my planned spinning stash:
Starting from the bottom I'm finishing my perendale, far right is the remnants of the Spin The Bin selection (3 items), then into the box we have the jersey lot of Heavenly Wools Merino/Haunui in the Barrier Reef colourway to be spun bulky, under that is a bag of Southern Cross Fibres in the Vetinari colourway and the remaining alpaca to be spun long draw.
I've already done some of the Perendale
Hoping to finish this bobbin today, it'll then be ready to ply with the other full bobbin I already have
Just before TdF started I also finished this polwarth/silk from Artemis Fibers
Night photography is not ideal, but this is a gradient in approximately Aran weight and will be a Baa-ble Hat once I spin some white in the same base to go with it.
On the weaving front I've not actually started warping up yet, but I have done the plan for my mohair rug.   Had to make some changes as my loom isn't quite wide enough for my original plan, but it should still work out well.   I'm certainly not going to dry to make a double width on this warp, brushed mohair is going to be interesting enough without throwing learning double weave at it too.

Best be off and finish this spinning, preferably before the chimney cleaner arrives.   There is also of course washing to get in and cleaning to ignore as well.


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