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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Challenge #6: Out of Your Comfort Zone

What the item is (and why it was out of your comfort zone):

This is an 1810's dress using the Laughing Moon pattern, it's my first Regency style dress, and only the second thing from that era.  The first was the stays which had to happen before the dress.


The fabric is a silk/cotton blend, very lightweight sourced from The Fabric Shop in The Tannery in Christchurch.  It's a very fine stripe and feels gorgeous!   I'd say it's very close to a voile weightwise.
I also used some calico as we call it here for the bodice lining; I believe in the US it's called muslin, in any case it's a lightish weight unbleached cotton with a very close weave and works well for linings.


I used the new Laughing Moon Pattern # 126
Ladies' Round or Trained Gown with a High Stomacher Front c.1800-1810


1810 approximately


Linen twill tape and cotton twill tape
Silk thread
Polyester thread

How historically accurate is it?

I'd say about 80%, the fabric is pretty close and there's a fair bit of handsewing, but the main seams are machine sewn and there's some zigzag to keep the fraying under control.   The pattern is based on extant garments as well.

Hours to complete:

No clue on this, but it should have been the blue challenge near the beginning of the year; took longer than planned due to health challenges though.

First worn:

Not worn yet, but will be when the weather warms up and I've made the bodiced petticoat and shift that will fit under it.  Fort the moment you'll have to put up with Bonnie modelling it.

Total cost:

Hmm, I think about $100, I got the fabric on special but had to pay full price for the silk thread and of course the bits of tape.   Well worth it though, even though I love the 18th century styles, this has a simplicity that is just beautiful.

It is now demanding I get on with the rest of the underpinnings and of course the accessories and spencer!

ignore the puddled hem, Bonnie has shrunk a little in height; on me it should be just right.



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