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Monday, March 03, 2014

Challenge #4: Under It All

What the item is: 1770's linen shift

The Challenge: #4; Under it All

Fabric: Handkerchief line from

Pattern: Used the diagram from Costume Close Up and some information from

Year: 1776

Notions: Linen thread, beeswax

How historically accurate is it? Pretty good really. The fabric is pretty accurate. All seams are handsewn and flat felled. Lots of running stitch and some whipstitching on the hems.

Hours to complete: I don't know, but it was a lot; so many seams with little stitches took forever!

First worn: Not worn yet, but made to go under my 1776 outfit once finished. I did have a nineteenth century shift, but the sleeves were wrong and so was the neckline for this period.

Total cost: $45US for the fabric and shipping, plus about $8 for the thread I think.

I was talking to my photographer when this was taken
 I should also show off my Red Hot Shawl on Bonnie

I think I should have blocked it harder

But it still looks good on Bonnie and it's lovely and warm too!


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Cool! I love how authentic you go with these things! I would never be able to handsew that much!
The shawl looks lovely too!

Kura Carpenter said... Best Blogger Tips

the shift is amazing, so authentic looking, not that I should be surprised after that calash :)

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