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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Busy busy!

Getting ready for the new driveway is making a huge impact on how much I am getting done craftwise.   Gastro hasn't helped either, but luckily it's a mild dose.  The last 2 days we shifted the wood pile from the shed onto the covered deck.    There's still more to go, but we're probably over halfway there.    Still got to shift the two concrete laundry tubs (currently full of raspberry canes); I don't think we thought that one through properly when we planted them.

The drainage for the garage has been done, so that's good.   Hoping the gib will be put in on Monday as it didn't happen on Friday due to hold ups at another job.    I'll be painting after the stopping has been done, we have all the paint ready to go, and hopefully I can find the brushes and roller sleeves as well!

I've got a little sewing done, cut out a Renfrew top, and have put the neck facing in, hoping to get it finished this weekend all going well; kind of have to as you see from the above list of things to do
The colour is more blue than showing here.
I've also dabbled in designing; I have an idea for a tam, but there's a lot of maths involved before I pick up the needles; not to mention a change in the yarn as the one I'd planned to use has disappeared into the ether.

Almost finished the leg on Ian's second sock.
Travel knitting tends to get done a little slower.
Today is baking day as well as moving wood day.    The banana cake is done, will get the chocolate muffins done next and then it'll be time to put on the roast. 
Caramel icing I'm thinking.


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