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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Challenge #25: 1 metre

Historical Sew Fortnightly
Challenge #25: One Metre

Fabric: Silk playsilk, cut down as too big originally.

Pattern: None

Year: 1776

Notions: silk thread

How historically accurate is it? Pretty good I think, mostly handsewn, though I did use some of the existing hem on it when I cut it to size. Fabric was a playsilk and the thread is silk. I'd say 90%

Hours to complete: 2

First worn: Not yet

Total cost: nil, all from very old stash
The blurry white thing around the neck is my challenge item.
 Obviously my phone camera didn't focus as well as I thought.   It turned out pretty well though, the original playsilk was rather too big so I cut it down, keeping 2 sides hems to reduce the workload; then re-hemmed the remaining sides.

Still to do:
- replace the plastic tubing in the panniers with steel boning
- make mitts
- make stockings (a lot of knitting for this one!)
- make the polonaise (still working on blowing it up onto hand-drawn graph paper)
- embellish said polonaise (going to try tambour on this, just got myself a needle holder and 
  needles,  plus some beads that I have to string)
- some sort of headgear; will require research first.
In other news our garage slab is mostly done; the guy is finishing it off as I type, but this is what it looked like a couple of hours ago
Prior to power floating.
School is almost done for the year; one week to go and both boys have lots of swimming stuff happening.   Ian's special teacher is done for the year and we won't see her again as she's been reassigned; very sad as she was lovely.    She was in tears on the last day.  She did like her gift though, as did all the teachers and teacher aides working with my boys
Blurry photo of moisturising bar.   Very easy to make, but incredibly effective too.
I will make another batch once I get some more coconut oil, this lot will be for my female relatives.

Still working on knitting socks too.   George's first plain vanilla sock is finished, it fits and is comfy but "too hot for summer mum"; so the second isn't urgent and I'll cast on for it once I've finished my test knit socks and one pair of colourwork socks too I think.    Next knit planned is a shawl Aurora Australis for me in red; I need a red shawl.


Claudia said... Best Blogger Tips

I'd love the recipe for the moisturising bar.

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips


It's about as easy as you get. Equal parts shae butter, coconut oil and beeswax. Melt together in an improvised bain marie (metal bowl inside saucepan with enough water in the saucepan to contact the bottom of the bowl); when melted add essential oil and mix. Pour into molds and you're done! I used 1 cup of each ingredient and approx a teaspoon of lavender oil; my molds were some free cupcake silicon shapes.

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