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Saturday, August 17, 2013

One Step at a Time

First two bound eyelets in my stays.   Can't get them sufficiently open, but I'll thread the ribbon using a needle I think which should overcome that issue; I won't be removing the ribbon till my cord is complete anyway.

Speaking of cord, this is the beginning of it on the lucet.   I'm getting faster and definitely getting a smoother result; nice to know that the end result will be pretty much the same as what was used in the eighteenth century.

My spinning bag that Joanne made me; can't remember if I've shown you this before or not.  It got used today for two wee bits of rubbish from my spinning.

And this is the progress on my current spinning of the Merino/Silk blend.
I have 25 more eyelets to go, so this is going to take a while, also probably at least 8m of cord too; it's going to take a while too.

Working on the cushion cover for the guild and socks for me.  


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

You sound like me - a lot of projects on the go!

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