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Monday, April 15, 2013

An Important Reminder and Some Photo's

It suddenly occurred to me that with daylight savings finishing everyone should be changing the batteries for their smoke alarms.  I did ours last week, but make sure you don't forget, it's probably the most important thing you can do this week.
Also make sure you have a smoke alarm in each bedroom, and the hall.   At the moment we have one in the two bedrooms being used as bedrooms and one in the hall, none in the living areas as it's all open plan and burnt toast sets it off.   Once the garage is built we'll put one in the third bedroom as well.

If you've not changed those batteries yet, stop reading and go do it, the rest of this post is about the Bloggers Connecting weekend, it'll keep until you're done!

Bloggers Connecting:

It started on Friday evening with the Craft Love Festival on Hills Rd.   I got into the parking area, did about a 5-point turn to get out again and parked on the street, the carpark was full, and messy!
I ran into a couple of stall holders I knew from elsewhere, Hannah who runs Locket (balloon balls) and a mate of my husband who was supporting his wife at her art stall.   Had a wee chat with both of them before spending a little money at two other stalls.
Lovely covered buttons

Bird brooch

Owl pendant by Once Upon A Time
I wore the owl pendant on Saturday night and it felt right with my 1913 outfit.   No photo's of that I'm afraid, didn't get one taken myself and haven't seen the one that I know was taken on Dropbox yet.
On Saturday morning I got my name badge from Roz, I love the fabric flower!
My name tag.
The Saturday morning sessions were definitely worth going to, I learned quite a bit from the technical one which was the one I was down for.    There will be some changes on the blog once I've finished painting the house.
Saturday afternoon I went to The Make Cafe for lunch, met Mum and gave her the next lot of yarn for George's vest and bought some fabric.
Echino border fabric

Echino bird print.
Both fabrics are Japanese on a lovely linen/cotton blend.   I love the quality of their fabrics, but this is the first time for quite a while I've seen a print I really love.    The top one will be a skirt or sheath dress, the bottom one probably a project bag for my knitting.    Speaking of which, I got a fair bit done on Thomas' sock which I was there.
Loving this sock.
There's wet weather coming so I think there will be more knitting and sewing while I can't paint, not exactly unhappy about that.
Sunday we met at C1 Espresso, I think in some ways this was my favourite day, it was still structured (breakfast, sightseeing) but was easier for me to mix with people.   Possibly because I was more familiar with who was there by then.   I took a heap of photo's from the top of C1 as well as lots while walking around but I'll only post a few.
C1 Espresso, with Alice in Videoland

Detail on a building across the road, mostly ugly building, but love the art deco decoration on the top.

A bit of art work next to a dilapidated building, look, it's knitting!

I think this is my favourite photo, it's an old drain lid next to a tree root in the park

Upside down buildings!

Our poor dilapidated cathedral

The ladies in the middle are our group dancing, Miriam was having a lot of fun
I did dance for a short time, but the music wasn't my favourite and having the camera bouncing up and down was most uncomfortable.   I need to have a go some other time with no camera and some music by Fun.
I did enjoy myself, had some really nice conversations with different people, many of whom I'd never met before despite my natural tendency to being a wallflower.   Nice to meet you all, hope everyone enjoyed the weekend too.


Truly Myrtle said... Best Blogger Tips

I was scrolling down thinking, oooo I'll have to say I love that, then that, then that, then that.... you got some goodies didn't you?!

Miriam said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that last photo we did have some fun didn't we? :O)

Roz said... Best Blogger Tips

Rachelle - thank you soo much for my name badge (I think it was one of the best - really!) and I'll wear it on other occasions too. My red polka dot candle will sit on the window sill right by my bath where I'll enjoy warming winter soaks by candlelight. Rushing around taking photos meant that I spent less time chatting to you than I would have liked. But at least you are a Christchurch blogger so I'll see you at other events :)

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