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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Time to start saving

I am now officially on a yarn diet; ordered some more 5mm nickel tips for my knitpicks set yesterday, but that's the last thing for a while.  Drooling is allowed, just no purchasing.   The reason for this diet?   I need to save for several things.

1.  New computer (please don't take offence current computer).   This runs XP and is getting a little tired I think.

2.  Proper camera.   I have a decent point and shoot, but it's not much good for the sort of photography I want to do like close up shots and yarn/project shots.   I need a DSLR, but I can't afford one.

3.  New cellphone (smartphone).  At the moment I have a CDMA phone with a really awful camera and no diary function; I'm also using a Sharp Diary Organiser thing that's probably over 12 years old.   I want something that can do both; currently considering the LG Optimus One P500.   It's got a decent looking camera, runs on Android and is significantly cheaper than the Iphone.

4.  New oven, this might not be necessary, EQC are going to get Fletchers to come out and look at it.   It'll either get fixed (though F&P said it's not worth fixing over the phone) or replaced.   Although it's old it was a good oven before the earthquakes; perfect pavlova oven.

5.  Steam cleaner for the floor.  This might also not be necessary, I have one, but the handle doesn't stay clicked in and it was like that when it arrived.   It's going back and they say they'll fix it.  If they can't then I'll get a refund and buy a more expensive one.

There is another reason for the yarn diet, my stash is running out of space; especially when you add the fibre in there.   I need to spin and knit up a whole lot of it before buying more.  I have enough for tonnes of socks, quite a few jerseys and other bits and bobs too.  I have over 45km's of yarn in my stash, I know it's over as there are some skeins in there that I don't know the meterage; that's including all that's left after projects I've finished.  That's a lot of yarn; stored in a lot of places and I suspect there may be the odd thing that's not in there.


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