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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

New Year, no resolutions because...

I'm simply continuing what I was doing last year, I'm still visiting the gym 2 or 3 times a week and most times I'm biking there.   I'm still trying to get my digestion sorted, still having issues and we don't know why yet.  I'm on the low FODMAP diet and boy is that a pain in the arse!  I've determined that coconut is definitely an issue which makes things worse as many of the "safe" breakfast options include coconut; grrr.

I'm tidying house, so far the hall cupboard, main wardrobe and the pantry have been done and I'm doing a modified Kon Marie version.  Of course there are things that are necessary that don't spark joy and someone gets grumpy if I try to ditch things we've been given my relatives even if they're things we never ever use.  Some may just have to quietly leave.  Some things will be going on Trademe, including a very old Moulie (baby food grinder thing) that mum used for me.

I've made more little sheep baubles for an order at guild and finished my pin cushion, do you want to see her?   Of course you do!
Very fiddly and I'm never going to make another one, but very happy with her.  She had a light tea bath to get the skin tone right.
I'm now finding my studio which I'm hoping will spark my creative side again, at the moment I walk in and then walk straight back out again as it's so messy.  I really want to finish warping up for my fabric, but it needs to feel welcoming first.  I've also started washing some fleece that's been waiting for years, the weather is good for it right now, but I've got a lot and I don't have many places to safely dry it in the wind we've been having.  Plus it's mostly Polwarth which has a high wax content which makes it harder to wash.


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