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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Winter is here

It's been cold this week, a slight case of envy for our neighbours who missed it all by going to Fiji for the week, but no envy for the fact that they now have to adapt to 0 degrees in the morning and frosts!

I've not been getting much done on sewing or weaving unfortunately, the studio has an area that's currently full of stuff I've listed on Trademe so I've not got much room to move.  I do have things to sew though, there's some gorgeous purple merino and some pumpkin merino that's going to be made into a lightweight cardigan; I got it from Levana Textiles in Levin.  One of these days I want to get up there, but it's a long trip involving the ferry and an overnight stay in Wellington so there needs to be more than one reason to go up there. 

On the loom front I've given in and started redoing the whole tie up on Abigail so I can finish my current project with less swearing.  I've got the shafts adjusted and am now working on the lamms.  I've also looked at the Macomber and determined I don't need to buy much else aside from what I've already determined.  So there's the apron string set up that has to be redone, more heddles and Texsolv, plus I've got some new bolts and chain as well and of course she needs a good clean and vaseline applied to the jacks.  The handle that should go on the back beam is missing, but I'm not going to order a new one, a 7/16" spanner will do the job and cost a heap less too!

I'm knitting a hat and 2 pairs of socks, plus planning my next shawl as well.
This is a Pussyhat, not sure if it's big enough yet, need to get another 1/2" done so I can get it onto the larger needles and then try it on.  The yarn is handspun merino/linen which has quite a crisp hand.
 On the health front I've got an appointment to remove my lipomas which is good, waiting for info to send to the health insurance and I'm hoping that will help with the pain issues since I know they're contributing.   Been doing lots of bike rides, 20km on Friday which is my longest so far. 


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