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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

2016 in review

This year's been a difficult one in many ways, a friend lost her son, my health has been up and down, we have teenage boys and Dh has been stressed due to the above and work pressure.  All the celebs dying didn't impact that badly for us, yes we're sad they've gone for the loss of future creations and for their families but all in all that's not a reason to hate 2016, all years lose people of that ilk.  

I've decided I'll post photos of the good things about this year to end on a positive note, after all I dont' want to go into 2017 thinking negatively.  This year I'm sure my middle issues will get sorted with the myofascial release and the herbs I'm on, the boys will get closer to being human again (they're not that bad really, just hard work sometimes) and work will settle for Dh as well, it's already improved a little.  So here's the good 2016 memories.
I got my first teatowels off the loom, got another loom which is now warped up and just waiting for me to change a bit of the tie up.  That will happen very soon, once George gets back from Scout Jamboree I'll be on that instead of the Xbox.

Pretty flowers in between the weeds.  We can't keep up with the weeds, but the flowers are pretty none the less, this is one of my favourites.
Lots of spinning was done, and I got to be an ambassador for Heavenly Wools, I'm waiting on the final batch of fibre to spin for this, can't wait!

Sewing, I got quite a bit done, this is waterproof pants and photobombing cat of course!

More sewing, shorts this time in a koi print I've had for ages

And silly photos of the culottes I made, the pattern was poorly drafted, but I still love them, you can twirl!
And finally, my big boy on his way to Jamboree, he's due back this weekend and I'm sure he'll be exhausted but will have had a brilliant time!  All the fundraising was worth it.
School holidays last till the end of the month, Dh is home for the first half of it so once G is home we can go out a few times to the beach or something equally fun. 

Welcome to 2017 which is going to be a really good year.  Health will improve, we'll make a huge dent in the mortgage and we are going to be happy and grateful.  Hopefully all of you will also have  a great year.

Finally I leave you with the knitting I'm working on now:
Am now on the gusset of the second sock, so the end is in sight.  Next project is a softie, more information to come...


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Lots of good things for you in 2016! Here's hoping 2017 is even better!

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