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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Not Much Happening Here

Aside from the earthquake and my varicose vein surgery of course.  Unfortunately the surgery has put sewing and spinning and weaving on hold as it hurts too much to try any of them. 
My side pain issues have come back (they hadn't stopped completely, but were under control) and I'm putting it down to not being able to do my stretches at the moment.  I'm seeing a massage therapist to hopefully deal with adhesions and I think it's helping still, but the surgery put that back too (codeine is not helpful, nor however is pain which tightens everything up).  I'm also planning on seeing my herbalist again to see what he suggests since the GP has nothing to add.
On the good side I can almost roll over onto my front to do the stretches (I can roll over, but stretching puts too much pressure on the bruises) and I'm getting a lot of walking done (with Pokemon catching) and my leg is definitely improving too.

Tomorrow is busy, Ian has the broken nose clinic at hospital after getting concussion week before last when he tripped at school and fell face first into a metal pole.  I have to see a podiatrist, pretty sure there's an ingrown toenail which is causing pain issues.  At least I should be able to get that sorted fairly easily.

Our shower is a few days off being done, all the building work is completed, the painting starts tomorrow, glad I'm not doing it as they're using oil based paints and that stinks!
Just after all the wall linings went up

as it is now before painting.
There was a complication, the slide rail we wanted wasn't in stock in the South Island, because of the earthquake there was no guarantee it would arrive in time if ordered so we've had to choose a different one.  We'd expected to have more warning to order it and only just made up our minds early this week.  At least the second choice was available and is now sitting in my studio, along with the cubicle door waiting for the painting to be finished.

I have done a little knitting, 10 rows on my Jaywalker socks, before realising I hadn't cast on enough stitches and ripping it out.  Also some rows on my jersey.
Just 23 rows to go to finish the colourwork
Finally I have fabric to show you.  Yesterday I went to The Fabric Store as they had some Liberty Lawn fabric available for $18pm and I wanted some and Dh had said I could get it for my Christmas present.  I found one that I loved, and then found out that I could get the discount from Thursday on other fabric as it'd been extended to customers who get their emails to the weekend due to the earthquake, so some Liberty cotton knit was also purchased as I need some new t-shirts.
Top and middle are both stretch cotton, bottom is the lawn.
It's now all out on the line drying, if there's leftovers from the stretch knit I'll make undies as well.  Make use of the Craftsy course I bought to draft comfy undies.   Now that I can't source my favourite American Eagle undies here in NZ I'm going to have a go at making something similar.  Much as I'd love to try Thunderpants, the price is too high for our budget.


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