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Saturday, October 29, 2016

What is it with patterns?

Today is the second day I've attempted to work out the instructions for the welt pocket on the trousers I'm making for George, and the second day I've decided they're not writing in English.
It doesn't help that the pattern piece tells you to cut out two pieces, but the list of pieces on the instructions say one piece.  I ended up hitting the internet, I've done double welts before but this was my first single.   It is a bit dodgy unfortunately, but that's just how it is.  The second one went about as well as the first one.  I won't post photos cos I'm not proud of it and I can't be bothered heading out and taking photos in low light of black on black pockets.
This is another in a long list of patterns with drafting issues, instruction issues and stupidity.

I have done better on the knitting though, my jersey is now up to the second sleeve
The body

and the first sleeve
And what it's sitting on in the second photo?  That's the warp on my loom which is all ready to go, well, as soon as I get the treadles tied up.  Like everything else on this loom when I sat down to put the existing cords in place I found there was a problem.  This time I couldn't get the cords through the holes in the lamms, which was odd as they've obviously been used before, but doesn't change the fact that it wasn't going to work.  So, pulled them all out, cut new ones from my lot of finer Texsolv and had enough, just!  Now to get it all on the loom.  I can't manage long under there atm since I pulled a side muscle shifting some full garden pots (yes, I know, I shouldn't have, but I'm stubborn and T wasn't home).  The pots are now where I want them and I hurt a bit, but not too badly.

Speaking of health, I'm back on the bike getting exercise as well and on Thursday I get my varicose veins in my left leg sorted.  I'm under instructions to let Ian's teacher know how it goes as she needs it done too.  Waiting to hear from health insurance that it's pre-approved, but it is on my policy as covered so that should be fine.
I'm seeing some results from the Myofacial Release Massage, pain still there, but things are "working better" which is good.  She's going to work on that again next time (a few hours before my surgery) and also on my neck and shoulders.  I've also spoken to a teacher of the Alexander Technique and will be doing that as soon as I can to get my posture sorted and stop my neck and shoulders from continuously getting sore.  Oh, and finally, I need a crown.  I went to a new dentist to investigate removal of my amalgam fillings and talked to him about one tooth that's getting a little ouchy on chewing, it's filled all through the centre and will likely break off at some point.  I'm getting it done before Christmas, got in just in time.


Sox said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm glad you are feeling better. They myofascial release has done wonders for me as well.
I'm going to be off work for awhile so I am hoping it will help even more once the stress goes down.

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