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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

More health issues

I'm back to the doctors again with side pain.  My original pain has been dealt with by physiotherapy, but this one doesn't want to leave.  More bloods taken to check inflammation and liver levels; looks like they may be thinking gallstones.
One good thing, apparently I'm easy to check out manually, I don't tense my stomach muscles when the doctor is poking around so she could feel my spine from the front!  She's also told me to start taking Panadol (tylenol to those of you in the US) to help with the pain.  I'm wondering if it's related to me being on HRT, according to some information I've found HRT increases the likelihood of liver issues and this all started after 1 month on it.  Will be checking with the doc tomorrow about going off it if it is liver, not making any decisions till I've got the blood results though.  If it's not then it might be endo back again, so once again I'd need to ditch the HRT (slowly and safely).  Funny thing, I thought after having my surgery all would be well, looks like I was wrong.

On the funny head thing, I've been told it's called "disequilibrium" according to the ENT and he's ordered an MRI to see if anything structural is going on in there.  If not then I go see another physio who deals in balance issues and possibly a neurologist as well.  That seems to have improved, though not gone away on the HRT, however I'd rather that than the pain.

I have managed to get some knitting done through all this though, I finished Strokkur just in time for the first cold snap
You can see how it fits here, a nice flattering line over my hips and it's warm.

and a very unflattering selfie, but the colours are showing up better, pain is not a flattering look either.
I want to make another of these, but a cardigan this time using the same yarn in different colours.  I'm not buying it yet though, want to be all caught up on my WIPs (only 3 left atm) and I also want to be feeling better too.

I've also almost finished warping up the loom, and got the bits of wood and so on that I need to make some Angel Wings to go on it; can't afford to buy them in from the USA with the exchange rate how it is, so going to make my own instead.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Stokkur looks beautiful.
Hopefully it keeps you nice and warm while you get all the health issues worked out. Chronic pain is the worst!

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