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Friday, February 19, 2016

Tucks and Pleating

The Challenge:  Tucks and Pleating
Materials:  An old sheet from Gran's stash, some bobbin lace from stash, some weaving cotton used to make the ties.  I may have to redo the under bust tie, it's not quite long enough despite allowing a heap of extra length!

Pattern: From Janet Arnold's Patterns Of Fashion 1; it's the first Chemisette on the page.

Year: 1810

Notions:  Polyester thread

How historically accurate is it?  The pattern is 100%, I've made some changes though, no mushroom pleats, instead I used lace and pleated that on.  Added some pleats to the neck too, not mentioned in the description, but the pattern looks like they're there and it wouldn't fit the neckband without them.   My fabric I suspect may have some poly content going by how it acted under a hot iron and the lace looks more like crochet than would have been available then so I'd say maybe 60%.  My cords are all hand-braided.

Hours to complete:  I don't know, but it took a couple of weeks from cutting out to being finished due to my procrastination skills.

First worn:  Not yet, I can't wear my corset yet due to the remaining swelly belly from my surgery, it could be up to another 8 months before I can get into it.

Total cost: Everything was from stash, much of it from a very long time ago.  Maybe $10 for the lace as that came from China (I think).

My next project for the Protection challenge is likely to be a pair of leather chaps for my son to wear at Scouts for their next camp; they're supposed to be cowboys and a costume is required.  I can't find a free pattern so I'll be following an approximate tutorial and keeping my fingers crossed.  Chaps have been worn by cowboys since colonial times in the US so it's definitely in keeping.

In other news I've got 2 hoods cut out to add to the boys school raincoats, still can't believe the uniform rainjacket doesn't have a hood!
I've also got a decent amount through the test knit, I'm about halfway through the second to last chart at the moment.
We've put a new fridge on HP, the old one wasn't really big enough and had some issues with bits breaking, it's been bought by a trader and is now gone.
I got this one from Harvey Norman's clearance centre which meant is was quite a bit cheaper as it was an ex display one.
And I've been exercising, either doing housework or riding my bike or walking most days.  I managed 10.2km on the bike yesterday!  Now to stop the sugar, which won't happen while there's a partial tub of Tip Top Hokey Pokey icecream in the new freezer.


Kura Carpenter said... Best Blogger Tips

The chemise has turned out really well

Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

the Chemisette is so neat!

Missandei is looking great - love the yarn colour you are using

Sox said... Best Blogger Tips

The chemisette looks lovely. I am not familiar with historical dress. Is it worn under the corset or on top with a ...shift... of sorts worn under the corset?
It looks like you are starting to get back to yourself again. 10.2 km is a nice distance.

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