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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Allergies to more than I knew

I knew I had hayfever and that hazelnuts aren't good, but tonight I had my first drug allergic reaction.  Was prescribed Cyproterone Acetate and had the first one with dinner tonight, within an hour I had itchy throat that felt like it was swelling a bit, a cough and later tingly tongue.  Healthline had me take an antihistimine and then told me to head to ED.   Another antihistimine (and yes I told them what I'd already taken) and I started feeling better so was sent home.
I'm to watch for a rebound reaction sometime in the next few hours and head back there if that happens, otherwise back to normal and I get the stuff I'd planned to do tomorrow finished.

In other news I have a date for surgery, 7th of December is when I head in to get most of it sorted.  I need to be prepared that I'll have another surgery later as the likelihood is they won't be able to get all the endo out on first attempt, but at least they'll get the bowel and uterus sorted.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck with everything!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips
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Jen said... Best Blogger Tips

Eeep, good luck with your surgery!! I hope all goes well, and I hope there wasn't any extra rebound reactions!

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