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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

1st week of school

I thought I'd get heaps of time in the sewing room, and in some ways I have, but not sewing.   Mostly pulling out yarn I've sold, addressing bags and putting it all out for shipping.    Not quite what I had in mind, but as a result I'll be making a big dent in the HP for my macro lens.   I am thinking about spending a wee bit of it on a Fitbit as well though.
I think I'd managed to forget the first week of school back is busy.   Monday was full of phone calls, making appointments.   I've now had my eyes checked and all is well there.   Heard from ACC, no sign of injury in the MRI (I had to ring them to find out), so not covered from here for the pain in my arms.   Will have to go back to the doctor for that, but it'll have to wait as I am going to the chiropractor first and I can't afford both in the same pay.   I've also made a mole check appointment, there is a family history on my mother's side of skin cancer so I decided it was time to check on that.  And, also had the plumber back to check the outside tap he replaced as it was leaking a bit; turned out to be brass filings inside it and now it's fixed.
Tomorrow is also busy, probably more yarn to pack, at least I hope so!   Then just Thursday left of the first week back at school, wonder if I'll get some sewing done then?   I need to finish my stays so I can start on the dress.   Plus I need new jeans and I think I'll have to make them both to save money and to reduce stash.

So far the boys are enjoying being back at school too, they're even getting ready relatively quickly; I hope that lasts.


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