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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Make Do and Mend

Challenge #1- Make Do and Mend

This is a redo of part of my panniers; the original "boning" (plastic garden tubing) didn't cope with the weight of my petticoat, so I've got spring steel to replace it and hope that that copes!

Year: 1776

Notions: 6 lengths of 63cm spring steel from Sew Curvy in the UK

How historically accurate is it?:  Aside from the materials being plastic coated steel the rest is pretty accurate, it's all handsewn and I think the fabric might be linen.   The original would probably have used cane to bone it, but I've seen metal cage panniers too so it could be right.   I'll give the whole thing an 8/10

Hours to complete:  1 hour approx

First worn: not yet

Total cost:hmm, bought the steel a few months back and can't remember the cost.

Panniers pre-fix

What the old support structure looked like on removal

The new sprung steel version; much better so far.
Will do another post later on the rest of my life; figure I should probably keep costuming in separate posts from running/knitting etc.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the materials you used for the boning! I can imagine that in that time, many would use whatever they had on hand that would work! It's smart!

Kura Carpenter said... Best Blogger Tips

Great work! and so nice to find another kiwi blogger doing the HSF :)
Looking forward to seeing more

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