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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Wonderful Weekend!

I didn't take many photo's too busy spinning and knitting but I did get a small number.

The venue is a good one, I've been there before, not last year but a couple of years prior before the ownership changed hands.   The new owners put on a really good meal, some very yummy food.  Lunches tended to be bread based (yummy bread) and dinner on Saturday was a chicken dish with roasted spuds, also yummy.
Their daughter played with the wee girl who normally comes with us which worked out well and all of us paid some attention to their dog "Flossie" who was extremely well trained.  No jumping, no entering the buildings either.
The loveliest dog ever, proof that with good training you can accomplish almost anything with a dog.
The Hall, first thing in the morning before everyone was up and spinning.

Part of my pile of stuff, it was actually much larger, mainly due to the next picture which insisted that I bring some home

Heavenly Wools (the name is very apt), I think about 5 bumps came home with me, maybe 6.  3 are in the Barrier Reef colourway which I've spun in the past (my favourite shawl is in that colourway), but they're on different bases (light grey, dark grey and charcoal).

The view South from the balcony

West view from deck

South view from deck

Partway through spinning Duck Egg Blue Merino/Silk

First bobbin of Duck Egg Blue complete.   I'm working on bobbin 2 and am over halfway at the moment.

Marled singles, I still have to spin up the second half of this and then ply it.   It's a Merino from older stash from Limegreenjelly on
The original fibre, pic taken from original listing.
I'm spinning it as a double marle from a tutorial on  I probably won't get that finished this week as I'm concentrating on the Duck Egg fibre.  Want to have that finished by Thursday at the latest so I can take it into the guild on Saturday.   I might spin the marled singles on Saturday, or maybe do some more work on my Central Park Hoodie.  I finally got it past the armhole decreases while away which was a great feeling.  I'm concentrating on that for my home knitting with a bit of time also spent on Thomas' cowl; though the weather has been so warm the last week he hasn't needed it.

I've also ordered the yarn for my next jersey, I'll be making a Breakwater, the yarn I've ordered isn't the one I most wanted, but it was affordable and the 2 options I really wanted in one case is expensive, the other one may not be available as I have 2 skeins and have put out a call for a third but don't know if anyone has one.   That one is Vintage Purls Sock in the Gizern colourway.

One piece of good news, my cellphone has been fixed and as soon as it arrives in the store I'll be able to go and pick it up.  They had to change the ESN which I believe means that the innards of the phone are not the same as when it left.  Looking forward to getting it back, I've been missing it.


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