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Friday, March 26, 2010

Going to the Animals Mummy!

That's been Ian's cry for the last few days even when he's been at school.   So this morning we finally went to Willowbank and he got to see the animals!  He got to pat a wallaby, horses, pigs, a flemish giant rabbit and an ostrich.  It was a good morning, unfortunately I realised halfway there that I'd forgotten the camera and it was too late to go back by then.  We'll go in the Easter holidays too though so hopefully I'll remember then.

We dropped off at PGG (Pyne Gould Guinness) on the way back and I picked up 30 netlon bags so I can start washing my Merino for my course.   So much easier to deal with than delicates bags.

Not been knitting a whole lot, too busy playing an Xbox 360 game.  I have managed to finish the first sock from my handspun though and the second one is 2 rows in.   I love them!  I'll post a photo once I've finished the second one.  I'm also into the main part of the sleeve for my Central Park Hoodie with Viking cables.  I'm doing both sleeves at once which means it's taking slightly longer but at least both sleeves should be the same.


Thea said... Best Blogger Tips

I'd be really excited to see a flemish giant rabbit! I know what you mean about games getting in the way of knitting, but at least you're having fun, for a while farmville was standing between me and my knit, and it's not even fun!

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