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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Endings and new beginnings

Endings: Finished spinning my first lot of fibre ever last night, just have to skein the final plyed bobbin off and then I can wash and whack!

Beginnings: A new wheel, though it is second hand. I picked up my Little Peggy today, looks really nice and I'll probably set it up as a double drive. Also got about 12kg of raw fleece from my BIL who went through it all for me, he used to work for the wool board so knows good fleece when he sees it. This is pretty dirty and a fair amount of VM, but it's got good length and a nice creamy white. I can see I'll be using the paddling pool to clean it. Admittedly we had a long trip to get it (Christchurch to Waimate and back again), but it was worth it! I'll take photo's later, might not be tomorrow though as the weather will be icky and we also have a baptism to attend.


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