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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Peach Jam

Our black boy peach has been dropping it's annual bounty on the lawn; we've had a lot of brown rot on them this year so not so many to use. I've been adding a lot to the compost (not sure if I should be or not), the good ones I've tried peach roll ups, but need a little practice at this as I've never used the dehydrator before. Will do some more in the next few days. I also decided to do some jam, the last time I did preserves was when we moved in, about 7 years ago and some of them are still in the cupboard, not much point doing more. Jam, on the other hand will get eaten! I got 7 jars, one in the fridge the rest in the cupboard for later along with the strawberry jam I did earlier in the season.
The next thing to try will be dried peaches, looking forward to trying that. I figure I can use some in stews and things to add some sweetness with a little bite.

I'm not getting much sewing done atm as DH is spending all his time in the garage working on gaming boards for Easter's wargaming competition. I'll be glad when he finishes so I can do some sewing. All I've managed to accomplish in the last few days is to add to my sewing to-do list and also to add to my mending list and my knitting list. I have today wound 5 skeins of yarn into balls so far; still several to go!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

My black boy peaches had some of the brown rot this year too but most had been bottled by the time the rain came. Have you a recipe for black boy peach jam? My kids just love peach crumble.

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I used the recipe in the recipe book most New Zealanders use - Edmonds Cookery Book.
Fairly basic - 2.7kg peaches/nectarines, 2kg sugar, 600ml water. Stone and weigh fruit. Put in a large preserving pan with water and cook until pulped. Add sugar, bring to the boil and boil rapidly for about 20 minutes. Test. Put into sterilized jars and cover. Try to keep some for later in the year....

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