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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Blogtoberfest - Oct 1

Wow, what a busy day today!   I've been gardening, a little spinning, some sewing and there may be a little knitting to come yet.

Out in the garden we've mowed the lawn and also removed and cleaned the trampoline mat as it needs restitching
Ian is a trifle unhappy about this; but as the stitching was starting to go on 2 rows, not just one it was no longer safe.   I'll be taking it in on Monday or Tuesday to be fixed.

Next I dug up some hostas and moved them to a new part of the garden where they can keep the weeds down.
This is their new area, here's hoping they can win the fight with the ivy; not sure how to kill that stuff.
In the area where the hostas were is now some heucheras; the new area gets no direct sunshine and we wanted something that will look nice against the concrete footings of the house; these look brilliant!
There's another of the lighter coloured ones to the left that you can't see.  It looks really good, and now that the hostas are out our rubbish bins can go right against the house which is much neater too.
After I'd done all that I investigated the vege patch and found this:
This is the first year our asparagus have produced something that actually looks like asparagus!   We can't eat them this year, but next spring we should be able to eat a few spears; yummy!

After I'd finished all of that I was pooped!   Did a little work and then decided to start spinning cotton again; my last foray into cotton was a disaster; but I figured it was time to try again.
Unfortunately the flash isn't brilliant; but although it's broken a few times it looks really good and I'm quite pleased.   The fibre is a pencil type roving and it's much easier to work with than the cotton sliver was.   I'm still planning on trying punis at some point though.

On the sewing front I've got to the point of inserting the zipper into my cords; unfortunately I don't have a zipper in the right colour or length so I'll have to pop out tomorrow and grab one from Spotlight (hate the place, but it's close and open on Sunday).  I'm really pleased with these so far, hope they fit!
That's the side leg pocket.  The same fabric is used on the main pocket facing as well; I like it as it makes them a bit different and they 'pop'!  Hope that I can get them finished tomorrow (and that they fit), things are a bit bloated of late thanks to the IBS.   Knowing my luck they'll fit now, I'll lose weight over summer and won't get to wear them next winter; mind you that wouldn't be all bad, lol.


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