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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A multi-fibred sheep

I'm going to do today back to front I think.  I've just this minute had a call from EQC, we have someone coming over on Monday next week to do our inspection!   Have to have a copy of the house insurance and the rates on hand; that shouldn't be a problem.  Back to cleaning I guess.   Had been planning more sewing and knitting and spinning, but cleaning has a higher priority now.  I did get rid of more fabric this morning to the Salvation Army. 

Started my sheep knitting today too, had to ball the yarn up first; for some reason a real ball seemed right.
I love the rustic qualities of this yarn, and so far it's looking good knitted up too:
It won't be a bumpy sheep, but I love the way it's knitting up.   Might end up changing to DPN's though, much as I hate them, this is not working well on the fixed circular I have.

I've done some sewing too, my circle skirt is almost done; just hanging for 24 hours before hemming.
I pinked the seams for a sense of vintage authenticity.

This morning I was on my way to the Salvation Army shop and realised that my Warrant of Fitness for the car had expired (29th September, whoops!).  A quick check in the phone book I keep in the car and I headed for the nearest VTNZ, joined the queue and went to pay and the lady next to me offered me a coupon to save $5 as I didnt' have one and she had two!   That was a wonderful RAOK; thank-you, it was greatly appreciated.

Tomorrow was going to be a few things, now it will be cleaning and the car rego which falls due tomorrow (at least that one's not late).   Almost hoping there's no work to pick up tomorrow, would make things rather easier!


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