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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18 - getting tidier!

I spent much of the day tidying the sewing room today.  It's not finished yet, but is much closer now.  2 bags of recycling, another of rubbish and a lot of reorganisation turned it from this:
To this:
 Definitely better; still a couple of containers to go through and those folders on the table will go back under the chest of drawers after I vacuum.  Then I can do something about blocking my Jetty jersey properly and maybe cut out a skirt to replace my favourite tiered skirt; which to be honest is past tired and should be well and truly retired.   A full circle skirt would be nice too and then maybe some stuff for the boys.

A quick update on the cat door.  Neither cat is keen, though both have used it to get out and Ray at least has investigated getting in; I keep hearing it click as it releases, but she doesn't come that inch further to actually open the door.   Star is definitely not keen, but if she wants to get in, she'll have to use it!


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