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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

And oh boy, was it raining!   Really pouring down and major wind as well.   This is what I could see out the window for most of the day
Now, it looks like the camera is out of focus, it's not.  The rain on the window is so thick and horizontal that you couldn't see clearly outside.
I went out at one point to check for mail, there wasn't any but the water race beside our driveway was up past the bottom of the top board.   Thomas and I went out again half an hour later after the rain had eased up a bit and I took these photo's
This was the most noticeable damage that I spotted on the first trip down the drive; there were 2 others like this, so there will be a trip to Mitre 10 to get some new boards.
It's dropped, you can see the bottom of the top board; 30 minutes earlier you couldn't.   The concrete you can see at the front is the top of the pipe that goes under the road; I could see perhaps 1mm of that when I took this photo; earlier it wasn't showing at all.
This is the end of our driveway; about 30cm deep.  It should be all gone by now.  Before the earthquakes I'd never seen the water get this deep; it gives some indication of just how the drainage is affected even in areas like ours that don't look that bad.   I really hate to think what it was like over in the eastern suburbs.

One good thing though, no good reason to go anywhere so I got the sewing room finished; I've still got fabric to go through, but this is the finished room.
Much better, I'll hopefully get some fabric cut out tomorrow which would be nice.   The jersey on there is my Jetty tunic which is blocking after being washed this morning.  This will let me know if I do need to add some more to the bottom.


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