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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A long time!

I just checked and I've been blogging since March 2005!  That's a very long time, I had no idea it was that long.   Blogger was the first host I used, there was a short period of infidelity with Wordpress; but I came back to Blogger; it was just more me somehow.  This is my 266th post; with only 34 more posts to go to reach 300 I'm starting to think about a giveaway for that.

Getting back to real life though.   Today I've been at the park doing the usual Sunday workout this morning, once again I did pretty well.   I was asked to do a sprint near the end, and I did a really good one!   I should be back to C25K tomorrow all going well.   Tonight I'll do a little spinning and I suspect that Thomas will be watching a certain game.   I'm not really into rugby, but I'm hoping the All Blacks win; the way the French have played up till now means they don't deserve a win, whereas the All Blacks seem to have been playing really well.

A bit more tidying done, went through the fabric in our bedroom last night and today; I now have a small pile of stuff to find a new home for.   Once upon a time I would have tried to sell it, but I really can't be bothered so it'll all go to the Sallies.  There's microfleece, some shaggy fabric and a textured velour.  The velour is the only one I'm considering putting back in the stash.   Might tackle one of the boxes in the conservatory tonight too.   I'll have to go out on Tuesday anyway, so the more I have to go in one trip the better really.


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