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Sunday, October 30, 2011

No photo day

Not much choice on the no photo's thing.  Thomas has still got the camera at his wargaming thing.   I've almost finished the Dalhousie mitts; 21 more rows to go and then they're all done! 
I'm all done in though; spent the morning doing things like washing, dishes (which T didn't have time for this morning) and gardening.   Still, the veges are all in aside from spuds; the weeding is closer to done and all I have left to do tomorrow morning is to do a quick once-over with the vacuum cleaner once the boys hit school.
Ian's got swimming at school next week; T will be going in with him for at least the first morning; I'm not allowed in the pool within 2 weeks of an IBS attack so I can't.   If things go well tomorrow and it turns out Ian's ok without T in the water then he won't keep going, his teacher aide is all set to get in the water on Wed and Thurs, but it's a different person the rest of the week.    I'm going to suggest he meet them at the pool so he can leave as soon as the swimming is finished and he's dressed.

Only one more day left in Blogtoberfest; hopefully tomorrow I'll have some idea of where we stand for the house with EQC.  Might not though, our neighbours didn't get given any indication when they got assessed last time and that was 2.5 months back; they've just had a letter to say it's a managed claim.   They would have preferred if it was under the 10k; but we don't always get what we want.

I've got a list for the EQC guys, I'll be following them around to make sure they pick up what I already have and asking if we're over or under the 10k.  Got copies of insurance (though it's last years invoice) and rates; plus can show them the insurance payments going out of the bank account if there's any issues.  I tried to ring the insurance company to get a more recent copy of the invoice, but after 20 minutes on hold I gave up in disgust.  Even if it's over 10k I'll just be glad to have moved along in the process just one more step.  Should get paid out for the contents next month too, then that money can go against the mortgage, originally the money for the washing machine would have gone on the mortgage so things will even out aside from interest.  Wish us luck!


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