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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finally, craft time!

Admittedly not a huge amount of craft time, but I have cut out a skirt in this fabric:
From memory this is one of Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks prints on a cotton voile base; very good quality and it's going to be a full circle skirt.   I've not had one of those for years, but seeing as I love the vintage look I can pair this with a nice fitted top or twin set (have to knit that first).   It may even look good with my one hand knit top.   I will probably have to wear a half-slip under it and I suspect later I'll have to downsize it, but you can't sew for the size you might be when you're short on stuff to wear now.

I've also prewashed this:
This will be a tiered skirt to replace my current one which is really well past it's use by date.  The current one has various laces on it, I don't think I have any in my stash that match this so it'll be plainer, but the fabric has the slightly gathered look that works so well for these skirts.

Once these two are all finished, which shouldn't take too long as both are simple patterns, I'll be making some new tops for the boys for the summer. 

Got a little more tidying done too, less paper in the bedroom now, still a wee way to go yet though; some dustbunnies in there are getting vicious!

The boys got home from Grandma's today too, they had a great time and maintained good behaviour until this afternoon.   Not quite so good at the beach.  They went to see the latest Spy Kids movie which they loved!
When they got home they wanted to go on the computer, unfortunately for them there was baking instead.   We made chocolate brownie; yum!


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