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Monday, October 03, 2011

Day 3 Blogtoberfest

Got an email from my boss this morning, it's stocktake day.   There went my plans of sewing today; instead I spent the first couple of hours working, followed by a quick note take of which work I had in my cupboard to finish.  Then into work where I found a bustle of activity and a mild feeling of frenzy; not uncommon for stocktake.  I'll be back in tomorrow to get more work, but I've finished for today which is good.
Dropped the trampoline mat in for restitching; it's going to cost $62 (hope that's GST inclusive) and should be done by the end of the week; Ian will be pleased as he's been going out there and sitting on the frame, while looking mournfully at the empty bounce area.   Poor chap.

Our oven is now fixed; $260 later; ouch!   But still rather cheaper than a new one and it's a good oven despite being a bit older.   Also got an email from Tronix to say the old Xbox now has a new laser, is clean and is now playing games fine; $76 please.   That's actually a good price and means in a few days it should be back and we can play games that require a hard drive again.  Turns out the new one while advertised as having a 4gig hard drive does not in fact have a hard drive and won't download the expansion discs.

In other expensive news I've decided what phone I want as soon as I save the money
This is the LG Optimus One P500.   It's $349, but I should be able to get it for less on contract; it'll cost me $40 a month which is more than I currently pay, but as my current phone will stop working later next year I have to do something; and I want a smartphone!   GPS, decent camera which is always with you, calender, and a number of other bits and bobs will be very handy.

Hoping to get into the sewing room tomorrow after going to work, need to get some padded interfacing to make my wall-hung circular needle holder and it would be nice to finish my trousers and the t-shirt that's already cut out.


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