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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Byebye cobwebs

Today a lot of spiders lost their homes in our home.  The main bedroom, hall and bathroom areas were all vacuumed, dusted and de-webbed.  The boys room still looks like a war zone; they'll have to work on that in the weekend I think.
Kitchen is looking pretty good, and there's a new thing of chocolate brownie there; hope this one lasts a little longer as we're supposed to take something to a morning tea.  Tomorrow will be the lounge and dining rooms turn along with bathroom proper clean, the bath is looking a little on the dodgy side.   The rest is pretty good, aside from where Ian missed (again).   I've cleaned it, but it needs a proper scrub I think.
No knitting or spinning or sewing today, but I did some knitting last night; here's my Many Fibred Lamb
Since this photo I have attached his tail and knit one leg.   Some decisions were made along the way too.  His stuffing is not polyester batting, it's Gotland ram roving, so he'll smell slightly sheepy.   Also I've decided his ears will be knit in the main colour too.   I love the Gotland stuffing, nice and firm.  Unlike most Gotland it's not one that tends to felt itself either which is good.


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