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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another section cleaned

This is the area I cleaned.  This corner has the stereo up to the left (not showing in the picture), the left corner is the printer and the desk is now much cleaner.  The whole area is dusted, tidied and I shifted the tower for the computer under the desk.     It was on top where it attracted a lot of dust and took up a lot of space.   I had to get a longer cable to run to the stereo first.   I also changed to the new mouse and keyboard; the keyboard is taking a bit of getting used to; feels completely different to the original ones.  The whole area feels a lot more open now.  Unfortunately this is the only area I got done today; the rest of the lounge is still not done; but I should get that and the dining room sorted tomorrow.

Groceries are done for the fortnight which is nice and the boys seem to be a bit better behaved tonight; last night they were temporarily replaced by a pair of trolls.

Tomorrow, more cleaning, gym for the boys where I'll get an hour of knitting. and Thomas will be home working on the stuff for his wargaming.   I'll be glad when that's over and we can do stuff together again.   I'll have to go out and get something for a present for a birthday party Ian's going to on Saturday week, he's really looking forward to it.    He's been doing really well back at school this week, apparently he's a lot more independent in how he's working, which is great!  Hopefully they'll be able to reduce his support so the school isn't having to fund it themselves.  His social skills seem to be improving as well, one wee girl in his class in particular spends a lot of time with him and loves him to bits.  I have to say he is a charming wee chap, the ASD certainly doesn't affect that.


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